• Industrialized medicine and large corporate "health" systems are calling the shots and draining our bank accounts.

  • Millions of working Americans are losing the ability to pay for their healthcare... even if they have insurance 

  • Our most important doctors and physicians (those who provide primary care) have lost their independence and authority for the sake of profits. 

The primary medical system we've been "duped" into trusting is collapsing under its own weight. Increasing millions of Americans are going without care because of continually rising costs.

Our Healthcare System Is Severely Broken,
But You Don’t Have To Be Held Hostage By It…

Hi, I'm Xavier and I help people (patients and doctors) connect to healthcare coverage models that work... and don't cost more than they should. 

The corporatization of American healthcare has transformed our medical system from being patient-focused to being profit-centered. This has resulted in sky-rocketing costs, poor health results, and an unsustainable financial burden on the working-class.

I am doing a small part to help disrupt the “medical industrial complex” system that has been created in our country by informing, educating, and advocating a new (yet old-fashioned), healthcare model that is far less expensive and more effective as it places patients and their doctors back at the center of the healthcare equation.

No one should have to settle for things as they are or go without healthcare.

  • As a patient, you don't have to pay "an arm and a leg"  for better, more personal primary healthcare...
  • As an employer, you can provide high-quality, comprehensive care to employees at a much lower cost...
  • As a doctor, you can practice medicine with less interference, less stress, and far less paperwork, hassles, and headaches...

Bureaucrats and politicians (on either side of the isle) aren't going to fix our existing healthcare issues. They recognize there's a problem, but aren't even close to addressing the real issue. Corporate interests are vast and there's too much money at stake. 
Socialized medicine isn't the cure either...




...reveals how and why the system got to be such a mess, what we all need to know to navigate it properly, and how to resolve the issue for ourselves.

Your physical and financial health could depend on this information.

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Looking for a DPC Doctor?

viciMD can help you find one in (or see if we can recruit one to) your area. We work with physicians to help them build their independent healthcare practices and the more people we can identify who are "interested"  the better. Be counted and let your voice be heard in support of Direct Primary Care.

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